Miniature Fiber Isolator
  Miniature Fiber Faraday Rotator Mirror(FRM)
  Miniature Fiber Collimator
  Fiber-Optic Sensors

Sino Point Photonics (Beijing) Ltd. (¡°Sino Point¡± for short) was founded in Beijing Zhong Guan Cun Science ¨CTechnology Park in 2003, with world class R&D team and advanced photonics volume production base.

By developing the technology for micro-lensing on optical fibre endface, Sino Point has built up a miniature fiber optic platform and launched into market a series of innovative miniature fiber components with excellent optical performance and reliability, which have been widely used in optical communication and sensor systems.

In addition, based on the above mentioned miniature fiber component technology platform and with special design and unique processes, Sino Point is capable of providing customized fiber components and devices for communication and sensing applications.

Website address is changed to: 2007-08
Miniature fiber isolators passed the power handling test under 1000 mW for 8 hours and 2000mW for 1 second 2007-04
Miniature Optical Fiber Gain Flattened Filter (GFF) passed the reliability test and will be launched into market soon. 2007-03
Interferometric Optical Fiber Sensor was sucessfully developed. 2006-12

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