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  Quality Management System

  The quality of products is regarded as the fundamental of survival and development of Sino Point Photonics (Beijing) Ltd. To ensure the quality of products, our company implements strict quality control in many aspects, such as customer service, product development/manufacturing, and supply chain, etc., the purpose is to provide satisfactory products and good services to the customers. Our company quality policy can be outlined as ¡°customer-oriented, prompt response, technology innovation, advanced process development, and continuous improvement to provide high quality products and technical services, in order to become an outstanding company in optical fiber communications and fiber sensing industries¡±. Our product family includes passive fiber components, such as micro fiber isolators with high power handling capability, micro fiber couplers and circulators, etc., as well as active optoelectronic products, such as broad band SLD and 8pin pump lasers with smaller foot print, etc., which have been used by a number of famous companies in the world. We expect to attract more customers using our high quality products and welcome checking on our strict quality management system.

  Sino Point Photonics (Beijing) Ltd had passed on-site audit by the independent and authorized auditor and obtained ISO2001:2008 quality management system certification in 2010. After moving to the new premises, the company has passed on-site audit again and obtained the new ISO2001: 2008 quality management system certification in 2015. The quality management system certification covers all of the terms and the elements required by the quality management system standard. The specific quality management is implemented through the quality engineering department at Sino Point Photonics. In terms of product quality assurance, our quality engineering department has the independent right of inspecting, monitoring, analyzing and judging for incoming material inspection, process control, final testing and failure analysis. In terms of business process quality assurance, the quality manager, representing the organization, regularly conducts internal audit, constantly corrects and prevents insufficiency, continuously improve the company¡¯s overall quality management level.




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