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   Fiber Temperature Sensor

Compared with traditional temperature sensors, fiber sensors are much more advantageous for real time temperature monitoring in hazardous environments or in environments which suffers very much from electro-magnetic interferences existed in high voltage transmission, power station and nuclear station, and microwave and RF environments. Sino Points fiber temperature sensors are designed to be applied for real time temperature monitoring and alarm system for generator and power station, high voltage transmission lines, high voltage transformers and switch-gears, petroleum and liquid natural gas station, etc.

EMI/RFI immune
Workable in hazardous environment
Workable under high voltage
High resolution and high reliability
Remote sensing and networking

Temperature monitoring in hazardous environment
High voltage transformers and high voltage switch gears
Temperature monitoring and alarming for oil pipeline and oil tank
Temperature monitoring and alarming for power station and nuclear station
Temperature monitoring and alarming for coal mines and transportation tunnels


Temperature Measuring Range


Temperature Resolution

+/-0.5, +/-1, +/-2

Measuring Time

< 0.5s

Points of Monitoring


Withstand High Voltage

1.5 Million volt

Mainframe Working Temperature


Length of Fibre Cable

< 50m

Size of Sensor Head

Ø3 20mm

Mainframe Dimension

150 80 50mm










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