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With unique fiber lensing technology and special processes, Sino Point is capable of supplying miniature fiber collimator with superior optical performances, such as extremely compact size, Gaussian beam output with small beam spot size, low coupling loss and high optical power handling capability, etc. These outstanding characteristics enable designs and manufacturing of valuable miniature fiber devices, such as FRM and EVOA, etc, especially for reducing the size and enhancing the reliability of fiber sensor head. The standard fiber pigtailing is with SMF28, but it can be customized and replaced with specialty fibers, according to customers’ requirements.

Gaussian bean output
Small beam spot size
Low coupling loss
Reasonable working distance
High optical power handling capability
High stability and high reliability

Miniature fiber components
Fiber sensors
Fiber lasers
Fiber optic measurement

          Working Sketch of Miniature Fiber Collimator

Central Wavelength

1550, 1310, 1480, 1060 nm

Min. Bandwidth


Working Distancein air

3.0 to 3.5mm

Beam Diameter  (beam waist)


Typical Coupling Loss@1550nm

0.25dB(SMF 28)  P-grade 0.15dB(SMF28)

Return Loss@23ºC


Power Handling


Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature







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