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   1064nm Fiber Faraday Rotator Mirror

Sino Point has designed and fabricated the 1064nm Faraday rotator mirrors (FRMs) with the smallest size in the world but superior optical performances, especially excellent performance for specialty fiber pigtailing. FRM lets the polarization state of the backward propagation wave rotate by 90 degree with respect to the forward propagation wave, and so can be applied in fiber sensing system and fiber laser system to eliminate the polarization fading. Sino Points mini FRMs are with low insertion loss, low TDL, low WDL, low PDL, low PMD and high return loss, and high optical power handling capability, as well as high reliability verified by Telcordia 1209/1221 and HAST (i.e. PCT) at 121/30hrs.

Miniature packaging
Low insertion loss
High optical power handling capability
High stability and reliability
Option for specialty fiber pigtailing

Fiber sensing system  
Fiber laser system
Fiber optic measurement
RD Laboratory applications      


Center Wavelength

1064 nm

Operating Wavelength Range

10 nm

Insertion Loss

2.3 dB

Faraday Rotation Angle

90 degrees

Rotation Angle Tolerance @ 23

+/-1 degrees


0.05 dB

Power Handing Threshold


Storage Temperature

-40 to 85

Operating Temperature

-5 to 70

Fiber Type

SMF28/ 1060 fiber or 80 mm fiber


Ø2.5 12mm












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