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   Technical Background

Sino Point¡¯s core team members mainly come from the Optics & Photonics Center of Peking University (OPC) with its director Professor Hongdu Liu as the Chairman of the Board for Directors of the company, and the Chinese Academician Professor Zizhao Gan as the Chairman of the International Advisory Board with distinguish advisors like Dr. Chinlon Lin, the director of Photonics Technology Center of Chinese University of Hong Kong and the previous senior researcher at AT&T Bell Lab and Bellcore. The Sino Point core team is with 30 year experience in fundamental and applied research in the fields of optics and photonics.

Since 1980¡¯s, under the supervision of Prof. Hongdu Liu, the technical team at the Optics & Photonics Center of Peking University devoted itself to the research of semiconductor laser technology, fiber components for optical communication and optical fiber lasers. and were awarded with prizes from the Beijing Municipal Government and the National Science and Technology Committee of China. Accordingly they had established reputation and become famous nationally and internationally.
The achievements mainly include:

  • Proposed and took part in the establishment of the first intra-city optical fiber link in Beijing between two telephone offices and awarded the first class Technology Progress Prize by Beijing Municipal Government and the second class Science and Technology Achievement Prize by the National Science and Technology Committee. of China
  • Studied on single frequency semiconductor laser with very narrow spectral line-width and awarded the Critical Technology Achievement Prize by the National Ministry of Finance, the National Planning Committee and the National Science and Technology Committee of China.
  • Achieved optical fiber Bragg grating filter with ion beam etching and recognized by an assessment committee organized by the National Ministry of Education in 1994; at the same time further applied the UV laser beam directly writing approach to form the phase grating inside the single mode fiber core and recognized as achieve the international standard by an assessment committee organized by the National Council of Education of China in April 1997
  • Our research activities on fiber laser led to the collaboration between the Optics & Photonics Center of Peking University in Beijing and the Hughes Labs in US. Researches at Hughes Labs announced the successful development of single frequency fiber laser with lowest relative intensity noise (RIN) in the world by applying the theoretical analysis done under the joint supervision of Prof. Hongdu Liu of OPC at Peking University in Beijing and Prof. Edwin Pun of the Optoelectronics Research Center (ORC) at City University in Hong Kong.
  • In the year of 2000 Prof. Hongdu Liu founded Primanex Inc. in Silicon Valley in US and soon after brought an innovative magneto optic switches into market supported by several US patents, which were recognized by Siemens as ¡°the best optical switch we have ever seen in the market¡± and by AT&T Bell Labs as ¡°your reliability data has no competition¡±
  • Collaboration between OPC of Peking University and Primanex Inc. on ¡°optical fiber poling and next generation optical switch¡± resulted in progresses both in theoretical and experimental studies.

In 2003 Sino Point was founded, since then breakthrough on miniature optical fiber collimating technique.has been achieved and a series of miniature fiber components for communication and sensing have been developed and launched into market, which are recognized as the ever miniature fiber components with revolutionary design and excellent performance. The achievements mainly include:

  • Miniature fiber optics platform established and mini fiber collimators as well as series of mini fiber components manufactured with high performances for fiber lasers and amplifiers, especially with remarkable enhancement of power handling capability due to the innovative design and unique processes.
  • A series of miniature fiber optic components developed with equivalent or superior performance than fiber components based on traditional GRIN lenses, such as mini isolator, mini gain flattening filter, mini variable optical attenuator and mini Faraday rotator mirror.
  • Designed and manufactured high sensitivity fiber interferrometric sensor which can be applied in defense, geological exploration, temperature and pressure sensing etc.
  • Designed and fabricated temperature sensor based on fiber Bragg grating and semiconductor band edge absorption, which can be applied for temperature monitoring and alarming in high pressure and hazardous environment.





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