Miniature Fiber Isolator
  Miniature Fiber Faraday Rotator Mirror(FRM)
  Miniature Fiber Collimator
  Fiber-Optic Sensors

Sino Point Photonics (Beijing) Ltd (¡°Sino Point¡± for short) was founded in Beijing Zhong Guan Cun Science¨CTechnology Park in 2003. By collaborating with the Optics and Photonics Center of Peking University, Sino Point has established the miniature fiber optic technology platform and developed a series of innovative miniature fiber components for communication and fiber sensing applications. In addition, Sino Point is capable to support its partners and customers for customized designs and consultancy as well as technical services. The first one of innovative miniature fiber components is the mini isolator which has been recognized as a real super mini size fiber component in volume production with excellent optical performance, especially its high reliability and high optical power handling capability. Since then, a series of advanced miniature fiber components had been lauanched into market, including mini GFF, mini WDM, mini FRM, etc., forming a whole family of miniature fiber components with bright market potentials.



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