Miniature Fiber Isolator
  Miniature Fiber Faraday Rotator Mirror(FRM)
  Miniature Fiber Collimator
  Fiber-Optic Sensors
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  Website address is changed to: 2007-08

  Miniature fiber isolators passed the power handling test under 1000 mW for 8 hours and 2000mW for 1 second 2007-04

  Miniature Optical Fiber Gain Flattened Filter (GFF) passed the reliability test and will be launched into market soon. 2007-03

  Interferometric Optical Fiber Sensor was sucessfully developed. 2006-12

  Miniature fiber wavelength division multiplxer (WDM) sucessfully developed. 2006-05

  Miniature fiber Faraday rotator mirror (FRM) successfully developed and in production mode, already applied in fiber sensing systems. 2006-04

  Miniature fiber isolator shown up at OFC’06 and attracted visitors’ interest with appreciation. 2006-03

  Innovative miniature fiber isolators developed successfully and volume production started. 2005-02

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